Students Right to Know

Federal Statues require disclosure of student graduation rates, financial assistance awarded, and campus crime statistics. The office of the Registrar coordinates and makes available required information gathered and contained in the IPEDS report. The Registar's office publishes and makes information available on the graduation rates, and campus security information.

The Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act stipulates certain information appear in the university catalog, a complete version of the Catalog is available on the University's web site and includes the following information.
  1. An estimated cost of attendance appears in the catalog, the financial aid web link, and in information mailed to students.  Satisfactory academic progress is listed in the Catalog and on the University website.
  2. Our institutional refund policy, procedures for withdrawing from college, brief descriptions for academic courses and programs, and faculty profiles are included in the Catalog.  Information detailing the college's Special Services office is available in the catalog and the Student Handbook on the University website.
  3. The college's academic policies, services, and descriptions of Academic Programs and Degrees are available in the catalog and web site.
  4. the web site also includes Campus Crime Stats on the Registrar's pages.  The report details crimes occurring on campus.  The report is available on the college's web site and students may always view the information.
Federal Student Aid regulations require the University to report and disclose the Equity in Athletics Report. The report must be made available to students, prospective students, and the public. The report is available on the Registar's web site and may be viewed by any interested party.

The Drug Free Schools and Communities Act regulates school and ensures compliance to schools receiving Federal Financial Aid to provide information to students, faculty , and employee's information to prevent drug and alcohol abuse.  The Human Resources Office provides information to Employees in the handbook and to new employees during orientation.  Students receive information in the university catalog and student handbook .

Other Information You Have the Right to Know About: