Psychology is one of the most popular majors. Students taking introductory psychology classes find that they are intrigued with the study of human behavior, and many students decide to pursue further psychology courses. To major in psychology, you just have to have an interest in understanding human behavior.

Psychology is linked to other disciplines. Psychology majors are exposed to concepts from biology, chemistry, mathematics, and logic. Students find that psychological concepts have application in other fields such as literature, business, religion, education, and political science. There is no doubt that an understanding of human behavior is beneficial in many professional endeavors.

The Department of Psychology has the following expectations and goals for undergraduate Psychology majors:

  • To learn the fundamental principles of psychology, including cognition, perception, individual behavior, personality, group processes, development, abnormal behavior, and the biological basis of behavior;
  • To understand how to conduct psychological research, including experimental and quasi-experimental design;
  • To understand how to analyze data via application of statistical methods;
  • To be able to read and evaluate reports of psychological research;
  • To be able to write clearly and communicate effectively.

Course Descriptions
Psychology Degree Plan
Family Studies Psychology Degree Plan
Forensic Psychology Degree Plan

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