The social sciences are those studies that help us to better understand ourselves, our society and the world. At USW, the social sciences include study in courses such as history, political science, geography, psychology, and sociology.

History helps the student gain an understanding of our civilization, circumstances that have shaped the nation as it exists today,world cultures and religions, varied philosophies of history.

Political Sciences courses expose students to the key ideas that affect the practice of national, state, and local governments in the United States, the practices of party politics, and the nature of governments as seen through the philosophies and systems of government of nations from around the world.

Geography studies at USW prepare the student with a better understanding of our contemporary world. Geography is the field that enables one to understand how physical features, natural resources, and climatic patterns affect global, national and regional social and political institutions.

Sociology students gain an understanding of the relationship of the individual to the society and culture.  They learn how institutions, communications, beliefs, and value systems affect individual and societal behavior. Surveys of those graduates who have gone into social work detail how valuable USW sociology studies are to their professional duties.

The research skills and global understanding gained by our students in this program should prepare them for success in academia or, indeed,any field that requires a broad understanding of the world coupled with analytical skill.

BAS Social Science Degree Plan

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