School of Education

Whether you’re looking to start teaching for grades K-12, or are seeking to hone your teaching skills and advance your career, University of the Southwest offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, licensure and continuing education programs to prepare you for a successful career in education. 

Offering small class sizes, personalized attention and state-approved curriculum, University of the Southwest is preparing the next generation of educators. You will learn from and engage with accomplished faculty who will mentor and motivate you as you learn the art of teaching. 
Undergraduate Programs:
Available on-campus in Hobbs

BS in Education - Elementary Education (K-8)
BS in Education - Secondary Education (7-12)
BS in Education - Special Education (K-12)

Emphases are available in Bilingual, Business Marketing (Secondary only), General Science, Language Arts, Mathematics, Physical Education, Psychology (Elementary and Special Education), and Social Science.

Licensure plans are also available to students with a bachelor’s degree.

Graduate Programs:
Available online only

MS in Education, Counseling: Mental Health
MS in Education, Counseling: School Counselor
MS in Education, Curriculum and Instruction (Teaching K-12)
MS in Education, Curriculum and Instruction--Bilingual
MS in Education, Curriculum and Instruction--TESOL
MS in Education, Early Childhood Education
MS in Education, Educational Administration
MS in Education, Educational Diagnostics
MS in Education, Special Education

Licensure plan for Educational Administration is also available to students with a master’s degree. 

Continuing Education Units (CEUs): for teachers, counselors, and other education personnel.

The School of Education at University of the Southwest operates under the auspices of the New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) that uses the standards developed by the National Collegiate Association of Teaching Educators (NCATE) to evaluate education programs.