Alumni Awards

Since 2006, University of the Southwest has honored outstanding alumni with the Alumnus of the Year Award and the Distinguished Young Alumnus Award (for alumni 35 years of age or younger).

This year's awards will be presented during the Alumni Chapel Service at 11 a.m. on October 23 in the Mabee Heritage Center (Theater).

For more information, contact Laurie Dean, director of development operations, 6610 N. Lovington Hwy, Ste. 501, Hobbs, NM 88240, e-mail, phone, 575.492.2108.

Previous award recipients


Alumnus of the Year

Distinguished Young Alumnus

2006 Sherri Carver, class of 2000 Alita Slate, class of 1998
2007 Amy Magness Rhodes, class of 1994, 2002 Kristopher Otto, class of 2002
2008 Patty Robbins, Class of 1989 Laura Castillo, class of 2000 
2009 Judy Britton, class of 1997 Jonathan Sena, class of 2004 
2010  Judy Hanna, class of 1995, 2005 Heather Evans, class of 2001 
2011 Sheila Fuentes, class of 1998, 2004         Kevin Henning, class of 2005                  
2012 Cory McCarrell, class of 1991 Katrina Fuller, class of 2005, 2006